DAB Bednarz i Wspolnicy Sp. J. started its activity in 1990. Initially the Company dealt with sale and servicing articles of household goods. After several years of the presence at the market founders have made a decision about changing the basic profile of the Company’s activity and they started production of paper bags for vacuum cleaners.

First of all, Companys’ activity bases on high experienced, excellently educated and motivated staff as well as its specialistic technological lines. Everything above-mentioned enables DAB Bednarz i Wspolnicy Sp.J to obtain the highest quality products.
The company takes new challenges willingly and fulfills all individual requirements of the Clients, for example: creating new kind of bags or placing particular corporate logo on packages.
DAB Bednarz i Wspólnicy Sp. J.
35-205 Rzeszów, ul. Torowa 3
tel./fax (017) 863 56 75
e-mail: b.bednarz@dab.com.pl
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